Don't Say I Never Cross Anything Off My To-Do List

The other night, Monk and I were watching the new animated Batman series The Brave and the Bold. The fact that Batman was being a total dick reminded me of superdickery.com, the premier website for historical archival of the fact that Kal-El is a raging, unrepentant dick.

I did a little digging and found that there is no equivalent archive of dickish behavior regarding the goddamn Batman.

In a very related story, I additionally registered a domain name that I've had my eye on for the last nine years. Yes. I have been waiting to buy the domain for nine years. It's been available for, oh, say, seven of those years, but has been under squatter ownership for the last year and some change. Looks like they gave it up, so it's mine. Mine, I tell you!

Now I just have to write a nicely-worded e-mail to a certain filmmaker and a guy who likes to bicycle a lot and whose name I don't quite remember at the moment. Like I said, it's been nine years.

Update: I just remembered it's "Dietmar", and he's a professional whalewatcher now, apparently.

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