A Lesson Learned Too Late

In Fable II, a game that I've gotten back into for the sole purposes of buying real estate and sacrificing villagers in the Temple of Shadows, you can save yourself a lot of time and instantly span great distances by teleporting from one region to another via the Quest > Regions menu.

This is a huge time-saver, but today it reinforced an important lesson every spanner needs to know. If you've just finished a bloody battle with some enemies, put your sword away before spanning into the middle of a crowded town square. The villagers do not enjoy seeing you wearing your warface and brandishing a weapon within the city limits. My wife divorced me on the spot and according to all the frowny faces and minus signs floating around my stats, that little stunt has made me history's greatest monster.

Later, I would go on to discover that you can't do a pied piper of Hamlin thing and convince all the town's children to follow you to the sacrificial floor in Rookridge. They just can't travel that far.


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