They Really Should Teach These Things in School

I remember the day that all the boys in my junior high class had to take a spontaneous extra period of dodgeball. Coincidentally, I don't remember at all the day all the girls in my class were in the gym while they herded us into classrooms for the out-of-nowhere health lecture that was probably the most awkward 42 minutes of everybody's life to the point. I have completely blocked that memory out of my mind.

I'm pretty sure that they spent more time on anatomy and physiology, which you can learn from any old book, instead of the important things that matter in life, like these: "A woman without female friends cannot be trusted. Period."

I should probably have that tattooed on the inside of my wrist for easy access.

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Jezcabelle said...

Seriously? - you do realize 90% of what she writes is complete bs or just perpetuating stereotypes/societal norms which if you'd like to continue on with the people who fit them is fine. I just think you are worth more/better than that.