I Figured As Much

Penelope Trunk has some opinions regarding crying at work: "PMS is just your body telling your brain that you need to start crying about the stuff that you’ve been ignoring all month."

Also, something about having sperm. Whether it's too much or not enough, I'm not sure. I never really paid attention in health class and all the boys got an extra period of dodgeball the day they spelled it out for the girls.

Pun intended.

Which reminds me of something amusing that a coworker said to me today. He'd sent me a high-priority e-mail, which is indicated on my computer screen with a small red exclamation point. As I walked by his office unaware that anything was the matter, he emerged and proudly exclaimed: "I just red-banged you!"

He immediately felt awful about saying it. I pointed a finger at his doorway and told him to go back inside, come out, and tell me the exact same thing without saying the exact same thing.

I didn't even know it was my time of the month.

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