Crank Me Up

Sweet zombie Jesus, yes.

Crank 2 Trailer Takes Statham To A Whole New Level Of Insane [NSFW]: "He wakes up on an operating table, and sees his own heart ripped from his body, and replaced with a mechanical beater. The down-side to having a robot heart? Chev has to shock himself to keep his heart pumping at an insane speed. Which can mean licking an electrical wire or having wild a unruly sex on top of a car with Ms. Smart who plays Eve his Chev's lady. Crank 2 hits theaters on April 17."

I'm there like a bus full of asian people applauding Jason Statham while he shouts "I'm alive!" on a crowded Chinatown street.

Update: Oh, and before I forget, yes, that's Jenna Haze in the trailer. She's fully clothed. Hopefully that changes in the film.

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