Thoughts on the Watchmen Movie

Watchmen: Fox Sets Fire To Your Dreams Of Seeing Watchmen In March: "If you want to worry about something, worry about the fact that Watchmen just became a much more expensive movie. That makes it much harder for the film to break even, and help ease the way for more thought-provoking and non-Ratnerized superhero projects in future."

I'm conflicted. I honestly don't know if I want this film to succeed or to fail. I certainly didn't want it to be made in the first place, but there's a saying about bullets coming out of guns.

If it succeeds, there will be inevitable talk of a sequel. Let us simply end that line of discussion right here and now.

If it fails, it will take Zach Synder down a peg, and humbly return St. Alan's vision to the crotchety bearded Maestro who birthed it in the first place. But it will sour anyone and everyone's impression of the original story: if the movie sucks, then no one is going to want to reimmerse themselves into the graphic novel and, what's worse, there can be no way for them to see the pen and ink for what it really is without their imaginations being tainted by what they saw previously on film.

My best hope is that the move is mildly unsuccessful, drawing as many fanboys as it takes to make it number two at the box office for a weekend or two, and then quietly slipping down the charts into obscurity. That way the fanboys can be appeased, the studios don't get it into their heads that they need to make Watchmen II: The Second Hand, and I can finally read my RSS feeds without seeing my favorite comic get roughly fucked in front of me on a daily basis.

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