I should be in bed right now. In truth, I am sitting on top of my bed, but I'm not trying to get to sleep. I tried and failed after about five minutes.

Instead, I'm up, groggy and losing the fight to be sure, patching things. My replacement Western Digital VelociRaptor came in the mail today. It's the one that was meant to replacement my original WD VelociRaptor that died afer four months with more errors than the WD diagnostic utility was willing to count.

It's been parked in a warehouse for the last three days waiting for the driving conditions in this snowy, saltless town to improve.

So I gave my gaming PC a Christmas present of her own. After Service Pack 1, there are currently 45 different updates I need to install, and in shuttling new network card drivers from my iBook, I find that it needs some updates, too.

So here I am. It's nearly two now, and I'm just quietly fixing what I can and ruminating on what I can't. I'll probably take the dead drive to the post office tomorrow if I can be bothered to bundle up and slog through the ice and/or slush to wait in line with all the other people who hafta-hafta-have something go out in the mail the day after Christmas. I could wait, of course, but procrastination has broken enough.

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