Batch Two

Batch Two is underway. I find that Alton Brown's recipe, though tasty, adds the bourbon too late in the process for it to lose some of its pungent and cloying properties. The end result is too much like saying "I was making egg nog, then I dumped some whiskey in it. Ta!"

I like to try Claiborne's approach, though I don't follow his recipe to the letter, either: I mix the yolks with sugar, cognac, and whiskey, and chill them in the fridge for 24 hours in an air-tight container. The finished product still has an alcohol warmth to it, but it is far more mellow and understated.

Batch One is thick like a milkshake and the nutmeg is only added to the top of an individual's glass for garnish via microplane grater. Monk and Stef seem to like it. It's the kind of thing that takes a while to pour out of the pitcher. You tip it into your glass and, if you're patient, eventually something comes out. I might cut the next batch with a half-cup of milk to make it a tad thinner and see if that at least makes using a spoon optional.


blogging brewer said...

i have only made the alton recipe, but i have experimented with the booze. having made a batch with bourbon, with brandy and with rum, i am definitely in favor of the bourbon. the brandy is a bit too harsh (might benefit from the rest as you suggest). the rum is almost too subtle, though could perhaps be made w/ some coconut milk for some crazy tropical nog. i like the bourbon flavor, how it pokes out of the creaminess of the eggs and cream. overall, though, i must say i just love some homemade nog!

Jezcabelle said...

Dude, I want your Nog...