Recovery Weekend

It's amazing what a couple of days off can do to regenerate the soul.

I've spent the last two days sleeping in, fucking up completely excelling at the assembly of Ikea furniture, going starmad in Braid, running errands, eating sandwiches (Again. Finally. Thank God.), and feeling flushed and nauseous from typhoid vaccination pills.

What what? Yeah. Typhoid. It's a bitch.

We also ran into an REI where I proceeded to pick up a sweet-looking floppy hat with a mosquito net covertly tucked inside it. It looks as comfortable as it feels.

I've got some pills upstairs waiting for me, then I'm going to tilt my head down and take on this week with a vengeance. It's overdue, I think, to turn the tables and stop letting work kick my ass. Instead, I think I'm going to kick some ass with my own pipe wrench.

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