NIST Time and Frequency FAQ

NIST Time and Frequency FAQ: "GPS time differs from UTC by the integer number of leap seconds that have occurred since the GPS time scale begam [sic] on January 6, 1980. This difference equaled 13 seconds at the end of 2004. The integer-second difference is included in the GPS broadcast message, and is usually applied automatically so that GPS clocks display the same hours, minutes, and seconds as UTC clocks."

Ignoring the fact that your American tax dollars paid for that typo, and for the fact that it ignores a leap second added two years ago (2005-12-31, a day I think we can all remember fondly), it answers a very important question that GPS receiver owners should have: do I need to keep my receiver updated with the latest firmware every time there's a new leap second?

No. No, you don't.

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