I'm Not as Think as You Drunk I Am

Do I drink more than I used to? Yes. I didn't start imbibing large quantities of booze until I worked at the Science Center. That job drove me to drink and I never had the decency to thank it.

When I found out The Slut was cheating on me, I effectively quit my job and crawled inside a bottle for three weeks. You can tell someone has a drinking problem when they start mixing orange juice into their vodka at 10 AM. Waxing poetic about your fondness for white Russians in haiku form is also not necessarily healthy. If I kept on that course of action, I'd be worried myself.

I have, however, sharply tapered off my boozing. Monk likes to go through a bottle or two of something a day and we usually split it, like the Rodenbach Grand Cru we had last night. Do we buy a lot of beer? You bet. We are stocked the fuck up. Top that off with the amazingly generous gifting of tasty Dick's Beer-brand beer we got last week, and we probably have enough to last us all winter.

Winter is a wet and dreary affair in the Pacific Northwest that lasts until about April... which is about the right time for it to start raining really hard.

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